Environmental Consultancy


Environmental Noise

 Through demolition, construction and industrial process, environmental noise is generated. Long-term and spontaneous events can all be analysed, providing you with accurate results and recommended solutions through years of professional experience. 


Environmental Dust

 Environmental dust is a common pollutant generated by a huge number of sources and activities e.g. mining, erosion of soil & rock, construction etc. These dust particles vary in size and can even be invisible. These particles can be readily breathed in however high levels of exposure and increased toxicity can be deteriorating to ones health. 


Ground Borne Vibration

Environmental and ground borne vibration can cause damage to local structures and distress nearby residents. There are many sources of environmental vibration where monitoring is required, common sources are Civil Engineering Works, Quarrying and Blasting, Construction Sites and road works.

Within these industries complaints from residential and commercial sites are common, and therefore measurements are required to ensure that a statutory nuisance doesn't exist.